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Wii Sports Passes Super Mario Bros As Top Selling Video Game Of All Time

Wii Sports, thought to be skeptical just a trick to show the capabilities of the Wiimote, is currently the best selling video game of all time, according to former record VGChartz.Like Super Mario Bros, Wii Sports owes much of its success in sales combined, since nearly all shipped with Nintendo Wii sold . The little game that could, and done is done. To date, the game has sold 40.24 million units, while the Wii has sold over 45 million units..
14.1.09 15:39

Clint Eastwood Quot Quot Gran Torino Quot Leaves Quot Bride Wars Quot In The Dust

Turin, which many expect to nab Eastwood Best Actor Oscar nominations, raked in $ 29 million, more than $ 10 million that analysts had expected. Hathaway Bride War comedy, with Kate Hudson, was a distant second with $ 21. The film, which was playing in limited release for the past months, has $ 40. No one expected. 1 shot for the actress turned into a hot upset this weekend in theaters as Clint Eastwood drama Gran Torino coasted to first place at the box office, according to studio estimates from box-office tracker Nielsen EDI. 1 million. 5 million, although it has met most expectations.
14.1.09 15:39

Matthew Mcconaughey And Camila Alves Hook Horns

Matthew McConaughey combined two of his four loves last night. The Longhorns prevailed, 24-21 in a thrilling matchup. The beautiful actor had to wear a T-shirt, and he had to leave home son Levi - but he and the girl Camila Alve participated in the Fiesta Bowl between McConaughey former school, the University of Texas, and Ohio St. Luckily for film fans - and for the same actor, and we re pretty sure you can go shirtless in the classroom - the charm of the big screen is the star in. As you can tell, the couple enjoyed every second of it: Texas McConaughey participated with the initial goal of becoming a lawyer.
14.1.09 15:39

Dragonball Quot Ending Lost Secrets Battlestar Clues And Torchwood Baddies

Today too many spoilers! Revealing photos from Transformers, Dragonball and Lost.Plus spoilery clips from BSG, Dollhouse and Life On Mars.Discover Stargate Universe characters, Land Of The Lost Dinosaurs and Torchwood villains. Spoiler overload!.
14.1.09 15:39

Jim Carrey U K Still Says Yes To Carrey Comedy

79 million euros (GBP1. 66 million euros). JIM CARREY YES MAN comedy is still sitting on top of U. 2 million euros) in its second weekend. 3 million euros (GBP2. Box Office - scooping $ 3. The film, based on British author Danny Wallace novel, follows Carrey character as he challenges himself to say yes to all for a whole year. 86 million euros), while animated film Madagascar back up one place from four to three after making $ 2. 49 million euros (GBP1. K. Adam Sandler, family fantasy comedy Bedtime Stories made its debut at number two, taking $ 2.
14.1.09 15:39

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